Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 26

Sorry I havent been updating much but I actually wasn't sure if anyone was reading.

Since my last post I have been to so many appointments. I had been in a lot of pain some days and I seem to have some sort of resistance to painkillers. Im now using Co-Dydramol which is slightly better but nothing takes the pain away much.

Also the scar on my hip where I had bone removed had started to come undone from the inside just at the end of my scar. The doctors yesterday were concerned incase it didnt heal right and turned into an ugly scar, although they said if it did they would fix it. They made an appointment for me this morning for my nurse to get it redressed and some paper stitches.

Apart from all that the surgeons are very pleased with my bite and said I'm looking much better than expected after this amount of time. Im really looking forward to seeing my orthodontist in a few weeks to get the ball rolling again and start getting my braces tightened.

Im starting back to college on the 20th of Sept so I've been googling how to reduce the swelling. I think the reason I had no brusing and my swelling Isn't so bad is because of the Arnica gel I was using after surgery, so I'm going to start using it again tonight. Also I read that manual lymph drainage massage can be very helpful in reducing swelling, so I'm looking into that.

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