Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 9

Sorry I havent updated in a few days. Because of my Iron being low it actually causes me to lose concentration and makes it hard to focus on things like tv and computer or even reading, so it's been a very boring week. I'm going to see the nurse on Tues so hopefully she will be able to give me Iron injections instead of the liquid I was given.

I started getting a lot of pain on one side more than the other since last Tues and was feeling really sick, as if there was pressure around my head and face. Not quite a headache but a nigling pain. And also as if I was going to be physically sick. It felt like a really bad tooth ache and actually made me cry a bit when I was getting frustrated the painkillers wouldn't work.

Every now and again I would get a funny burnt sour taste in my mouth and when I spat it out it looked a bit bloody. I couldn't sleep on my side because I would keep getting the same taste. I had my post op and told my surgeon but he said it was probably just the saliva glands. I told him the painkillers weren't working and he prescribed me Tramadol which are suppose to be really strong. I've tried them a few times and they are actually worse than the original ones I had so I havent been taking them anymore. By Thurs it had turned into a green/yellow colour and I was feeling around my face when it starting coming out more. So I massaged it a bit until nothing more was coming out and my mum called the ward I was in, in hospital. The doctor said he would ring again in the morning and he told me I would have to come in on Wed so they could take a look at it. I dont really think thats necessary anymore but I'm going to go anyway because I need more painkillers.

The swelling is going down a little bit everyday and I actually managed to brave the public and do a bit of shopping today. I can feel around my cheekbones now but under my eyes into a triangle down my face is still numb. It feels like I'm touching someone elses nose!

I've lost 8.5lb so far and I've hit a plateu which I'm hoping will go away because I actually put on 7lb in the 2 weeks before my surgery.

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  1. Hi K,

    Found you on the Metal Mouth forums.

    I had double jaw surgery on 10 August 2010. You can check out my recovery process at Vince's Maxillofacial Surgery.

    Best of luck,