Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 26

Sorry I havent been updating much but I actually wasn't sure if anyone was reading.

Since my last post I have been to so many appointments. I had been in a lot of pain some days and I seem to have some sort of resistance to painkillers. Im now using Co-Dydramol which is slightly better but nothing takes the pain away much.

Also the scar on my hip where I had bone removed had started to come undone from the inside just at the end of my scar. The doctors yesterday were concerned incase it didnt heal right and turned into an ugly scar, although they said if it did they would fix it. They made an appointment for me this morning for my nurse to get it redressed and some paper stitches.

Apart from all that the surgeons are very pleased with my bite and said I'm looking much better than expected after this amount of time. Im really looking forward to seeing my orthodontist in a few weeks to get the ball rolling again and start getting my braces tightened.

Im starting back to college on the 20th of Sept so I've been googling how to reduce the swelling. I think the reason I had no brusing and my swelling Isn't so bad is because of the Arnica gel I was using after surgery, so I'm going to start using it again tonight. Also I read that manual lymph drainage massage can be very helpful in reducing swelling, so I'm looking into that.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 9

Sorry I havent updated in a few days. Because of my Iron being low it actually causes me to lose concentration and makes it hard to focus on things like tv and computer or even reading, so it's been a very boring week. I'm going to see the nurse on Tues so hopefully she will be able to give me Iron injections instead of the liquid I was given.

I started getting a lot of pain on one side more than the other since last Tues and was feeling really sick, as if there was pressure around my head and face. Not quite a headache but a nigling pain. And also as if I was going to be physically sick. It felt like a really bad tooth ache and actually made me cry a bit when I was getting frustrated the painkillers wouldn't work.

Every now and again I would get a funny burnt sour taste in my mouth and when I spat it out it looked a bit bloody. I couldn't sleep on my side because I would keep getting the same taste. I had my post op and told my surgeon but he said it was probably just the saliva glands. I told him the painkillers weren't working and he prescribed me Tramadol which are suppose to be really strong. I've tried them a few times and they are actually worse than the original ones I had so I havent been taking them anymore. By Thurs it had turned into a green/yellow colour and I was feeling around my face when it starting coming out more. So I massaged it a bit until nothing more was coming out and my mum called the ward I was in, in hospital. The doctor said he would ring again in the morning and he told me I would have to come in on Wed so they could take a look at it. I dont really think thats necessary anymore but I'm going to go anyway because I need more painkillers.

The swelling is going down a little bit everyday and I actually managed to brave the public and do a bit of shopping today. I can feel around my cheekbones now but under my eyes into a triangle down my face is still numb. It feels like I'm touching someone elses nose!

I've lost 8.5lb so far and I've hit a plateu which I'm hoping will go away because I actually put on 7lb in the 2 weeks before my surgery.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 3

Well I've been in quite a bit of pain today. It kind of feels like a bad tooth ache. I keep getting tingling and itchy sensations around different parts of my face.

Last night I had to get my mum to get me my painkillers a few times during the night, and I didnt sleep very well. I was having weird dreams and everytime I tried to go to sleep I slipped back into the same dream. It just feels like theres a huge weight pulling my face down.

The swelling seems to get worse after my naps so tonight I might try sitting up either on the sofa or in a garden chair to keep my head lifted.

Apparently I'm low in Iron aswell so I have to take a liquid iron supplement which is really disgusting so by the time I've taken all the different drugs it puts me off my food. Today I managed a complan shake for breakfast, cuppa soup for lunch and another complan shake for dinner. Gona have to have some smoothie soon because I'm feeling a bit light headed whenever I stand.

It'll all still be worth it in the end though.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

2 Days After Surgery

I have been very tired the last couple of days so all I've done is sleep really. I just came home today at about lunch time.

It's hard being at home having to mix up the medication myself and remember which has to be taken at what times. My face is very tight and swollen. It feels like my face is being blown out and blood sometimes run's out of my nose, and also there's dry blood up my nose which makes it hard to breathe.

Around the corners of my mouth are a funny colour and it kind of looks like food sticking to my mouth, but its actually the skin of my lips breaking away.

If you've ever used the application Fat Booth on facebook you would get a good idea of what I look like.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

About me :)

So I'm a 22 year old female student from the UK and I have an overbite of 11mm (I think) which seems a lot but actually most of my friends and family dont seem to notice it as much as me.

If your reading my blog then you are obviously interested or maybe already waiting on Jaw Surgery, so maybe you understand when I say that no one can truely understand the underlying impact something can have on your self esteem the same way as you see it.

My doctors dont really give me the full informantion as in exact names of the proceedures and such, so I have came to rely on google as my trusty detective into this whole thing and I know a lot of people will be doing the same.. So....

My Story started when I was about 11. I was given the braces that look like a retainer type device that can be taken out and cleaned.
My teeth had started off kind of this shape      >      Though obviously not as bad as that!

Bad diagram but you get the idea.

So my top teeth had stuck out a little bit and to compensate the bottom row kind of grew towards the top so they could meet to bite.
After having the retainer type brace for I dont remember how long; I was offered "train tracks" which I declined because their ugly and look like a wire fence.

Skip forward to when I was 18 coming 19 and realised the thing I look straight to in anyone I meet is their teeth...So obviously the do the same to me.

I really hate pictures so there arn't that many of me that weren't just school photo's, and I want nothing more than to have a big hollywood smile in my graduation pictures and wedding. So that's what I asked for....

I was sent to an orthodontist which I wasnt sure at the start would be my favourite person. We didn't seem to get on, but as time has went by over the last 2 years I think he will be just as happy as me to see the final result.

So here I am with train tracks. Had them since I was 20 because of the huge NHS waiting list it took 2 years to get them in the first place. Its also over a year since I was given the OK for surgery but as with the NHS again I was told I would get it last year, which has cost me a lot of trouble.

My date is now the 6th August which is fast approaching and actually I am being shipped off to hospital in the morning at 10am though I'm not sure why I have to spend an extra day there.

So here's what Im getting, and I will come back to the proper names later:

1. My top jaw is being taken off and a hip graft will be sandwiched inbetween and bolted back together again so my teeth are more visable when I smile. (maxillary osteotomy)

2. My bottom jaw is being brought forward and tilted slightly so my teeth meet and also to fix the problem of "short face syndrome" (mandibular osteotomy)

3. My chin may be filed down a little bit if it sticks out too much. (Genioplasty)

So now I'm off to pack and I wont be able to update this probably until after I'm home in a few days, though I will bring a notebad with me so I remember everything that happens.

Wish me luck!