Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 3

Well I've been in quite a bit of pain today. It kind of feels like a bad tooth ache. I keep getting tingling and itchy sensations around different parts of my face.

Last night I had to get my mum to get me my painkillers a few times during the night, and I didnt sleep very well. I was having weird dreams and everytime I tried to go to sleep I slipped back into the same dream. It just feels like theres a huge weight pulling my face down.

The swelling seems to get worse after my naps so tonight I might try sitting up either on the sofa or in a garden chair to keep my head lifted.

Apparently I'm low in Iron aswell so I have to take a liquid iron supplement which is really disgusting so by the time I've taken all the different drugs it puts me off my food. Today I managed a complan shake for breakfast, cuppa soup for lunch and another complan shake for dinner. Gona have to have some smoothie soon because I'm feeling a bit light headed whenever I stand.

It'll all still be worth it in the end though.


  1. Hi there!
    Hope you feel better soon! Day 3 is usually the worst part!


  2. Thank u! Its getting better now thankfully.